Dust in the HVAC ducts

When I was growing up in a large household with so many kids, I hated cleaning.  My mom would always make all eight of us help her do chores around the farmhouse. There was no escape as that easily included doing some deep cleaning around every nook and corner every once in awhile for spring and fall.  I would always have to do the vacuum chore since I was the oldest and could move it around more easily than the little ones. The younger kids could more readily help wipe up the study room, wipe their bedrooms room as well as my mom did take the gross chores like the lavatory. The myriad of other talks were pretty horrible at the time if I remember correctly.  My least favorite to do list item I hated the most though was the dusting. It seemed like our farm was always dusty with so many animals around inside and out. But at one point, I didn’t understand where it was all coming from. Fast forward to my current life on my own, I am still no different in the cleaning prospects with keeping dust off of everything we own.  At least once a week I am dusting off everything to no avail. So, I took initiative and gave a call to our local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier to have someone come out as well as do a major ductwork cleaning as well as check all the other air filters to see if anything was out of the ordinary lists of things that these fellows do in their inspection. When the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C serviceman arrived he got right to work without even missing a beat. When he first opened up the ductworks we all cringed,  he knew where the most immediate issue was. It was obvious the harm of the previous owners who had never had their ductworks cleaned out. They must have had a lot of cats, for there was an ungodly amount of dust and cat hair build up inside. Which would explain why our air filters were always clogging up so hastily! So, after a few hours of flushing out the ductworks as well as other filters getting a deep clean, he assured myself and others that I would only have to change my air filters once a week now. I was relieved to hear that because I had been spending a fortune on air filters for the past year and was anxious to save some money in our budget

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