Ducts have mold on them

Every one of us all contain our pet peeves. My spouse, for example, cannot handle the sound of tires on a gravel driveway. That is weird. Every one of us used to have a gravel driveway, and she entirely loathed it so eventually the people I was with and I had it paved. There was no actual reason for it, she just loathed it. There are some things that rub me the wrong way. I can’t stand it when people are late for things and don’t say anything. I loathe canned cucumbers because they taste like aluminum. However, and I entirely to the core of our soul cannot handle mildew and mold, So I always keep a unquestionably organized house, and make sure to keep our Heating and A/C plan up to par and with a powerful dehumidifier in place! Every one of us have air ducts and a fan to draw damp air out of the kitchen and the washroom, and take it harmlessly outside the house! But recently the air duct had an issue, and despite the power of the air conditioner, our washroom still began to grow mildew. However, just the look of it made me angry, not to mention the injury it does to the indoor air conditions. I tried to disinfect the air duct myself, separate from much success! Finally I had to contact the Heating and A/C supplier to come check it out, despite the fact that I knew that the AC device was working just great. They found the problem with the ventilation system, but suggested a crazy solution for me. Instead of getting modern Heating and A/C air duct installed, she recommended I just install a window, which would give natural ventilation.