Ductless HVAC for my son

My kid has just entered high school. I was surprised when he randomly asked me to buy him a pass for our local gym. He has never liked sports or being physically active, so I didn’t know why he would want one. Still, I want him to be able to stay fit if that’s what he wants. I recently had the idea to turn our spare bedroom into a workout space instead of buying him the gym pass. I think it would work well because I could set up a weight bench directly beneath one of the air vents. This means that right before he goes to work out, he could turn the air conditioner on to ensure that he has a well-cooled space to use. At a gym, it might be air conditioned, but there’s no guarantee that he will be near an air vent when using the different equipment. I know that if it were me, I would be insistent on making the most use of the HVAC unit. Hopefully, having a good environment to work out in will keep him motivated. I’m going to run the idea by him before I look into buying any equipment. This setup would save me money by not having to buy him a gym membership, and it would allow him the chance to stay fit in a well air conditioned place. He will definitely thank me for thinking about this later. It gets extremely hot where we live, so the A/C is a must have. In my opinion, it seems like a winning situation all the way around.