Ductless heat pumps are necessary

About ten  years ago, I started building furniture as a activity. I’ve gradually gotten quite good at it and have had success selling my creations. As demand has increased, I’ve outgrown my workspace in the basement. I decided to build an independent workshop in my backyard. This allowed me more room to work on several projects at once. The added space also accommodated an expansion into more and better tools. I figured I could manage to build the structure on my own. My biggest concern was how to handle the temperature control. I live in an area of the country which experiences weather extremes. Our summer season is hot and humid, while the Winter temperature often drops below zero. Since I need to run some type of heating or cooling unit throughout the majority of the year the investment into temperature control was necessary and important. I couldn’t afford anything overly upscale and I needed something fairly compact. When I came across ductless heat pumps I found the perfect solution.  This style of temperature control requires little more than access to electricity and a small hole in an exterior wall. There is an indoor and outdoor component which are connected by a conduit. The indoor air handler mounts up on the wall and combines both heating and cooling capacity. I am able to access the controls of the thermostat through my smartphone which is super convenient. I start the unit a few minutes before I begin work and I’m welcomed by the ideal temperature. There’s no need to run the thermostat when the workshop is empty and that saves me money.