Ductless heat pump for our southern home

After living the first thirty years of my life living in the northern region of the country, I recently moved south to take advantage of job improvement.  I am now making quite a bit more money, plus I’m enjoying superior whether. I obtained a little cabin that is equipped with an electric heat pump to manage temperature control.  This is my first time having any type of cooling system. I had never heard of a heat pump before, plus I was concerned that it would not handle the overheated plus humid summertime hot plus cold temperatures.  I figured that a heat pump would only offer heat, but the name is misleading. An electric heat pump has a lot in typical with a conventional air conditioner. A heat pump utilizes refrigerant to transfer heat from one location to another.  In the hot months, the method draws heat from indoor air plus pumps it outdoors, creating a cooling effect. In the cold months, the method reverses direction, finding ambient heat in outdoor air, heating it up to a higher temperature plus delivering it indoors.  This process is safe, noise-free, clean, plus attractively energy efficient. Because there is no combustion process to create heat, there is no worry of carbon monoxide, fumes, or flames. The heat pump also does not dry out the air in heating mode, eliminating the need for a humidifier.  During the warmer months, the heat pump is effective at battling excess humidity. I am totally cheerful with the year round workings of the heat pump. My cabin is delightfully comfortable no matter what the weather is.

heat pump system