Drain clogs

I love going to the flea market. There are constantly tons of great deals, and it’s a good way to save money. Last weekend, I came home with a set of 24 shot glasses, and they only cost me five bucks! It seemed as if they were brand new too, since they were still in the box. Another one of my favorite finds at the flea market are rings. I have a huge collection of rings, and I tend to wear at least three on each hand every single day. My usual routine while I am getting myself ready for my work day is to take off my rings, and put them on the back of the sink. I’ve never had an issue with this until yesterday. I accidentally bumped into the sink and jostled the rings, causing one to slip down into the sink bowl and into the drain! I was so angry that I didn’t have a drain guard on my sink. At least if I had drain guard on there, I might have prevented the ring from falling into the pipes!  I was so bummed about losing a ring, and I was determined to try and find it on my own. I detached the snake pipe away from the sink, and tried looking into the sink from below, but I couldn’t see a thing. I found a number for a local plumbing company and I asked to have a plumber come and get my ring. As it turns out, I had already done some of the plumbing work myself by detaching the snake pipe! The plumber was able to find my ring within no time, and I was so thankful that I didn’t have to say goodbye to my favorite ring.  plumbing-service