Doing some home renovations

I like to do big home projects during the Summer. That is the time that I pick a room in my house and I tear down everything. I tear down the walls and put up new drywall. I get an electrician to fix the outlets. I also buy new rugs, furniture and light fixtures. Every Summer it is a new room in the house. This Summer I decided it was time to attack the living room. I started tearing down my walls and I encountered ductwork. There were air ducts in my home! I had no idea that I had ductwork set up in there. I would have no way of knowing though. For my climate, cooling is really not all that needed. My family just uses box fans and window AC units for cooling in our home. We have never talked to a HVAC business about air conditioning installation. As for heating, we just have a basic fireplace. Before that we had a boiler system in our basement. So that conversation of ductwork never came into play. I guess I never inspected my home that carefully. So now I am wondering how I proceed. Is taking down HVAC ducts all that hard? Do I simply get out a sledgehammer and go to town? I have loosely thought about calling a HVAC technician to help me with the ductwork removal. I am worried I will do major structural damage to my home if I attempt it alone. However, I don’t want to spend the money. So I called my mother instead and the two of us are going to try getting them out.

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