Does this thermostat even work

My grandmother constantly is trying to keep up with the times. That means that she has an iphone and tries to text. She also has an ipad that she never can remember how to turn on. Now she recently bought a smart thermostat. She read all about how a smart thermostat will save her money on her upcoming energy bills. Then she called a HVAC business and they felt it was wise to sell this piece of HVAC technology to a 73 year old woman. I want to call the HVAC company back and tell them thanks a lot. They just sold the thermostat to her, they did not perform any type of HVAC installation. So now I am stuck messing with the thermostat. I first had to explain to my grandmother what an app was. She needs the app on her smartphone if she wants to have climate control with her new thermostat. I downloaded the app and then mounted the thermostat to her HVAC device. I then had to mess around with her terrible internet connection. A smart thermostat runs on wifi. Her sketchy wifi turned out to be a big pain. Once everything’s got all connected I had to explain how she can raise and lower temperature. Also the thermostat tells you humidity levels and air filter changes. I tried having her run the HVAC equipment from her phone and it was a disaster. I really don’t think she is capable of doing it. I also don’t want to be her thermostat minion forever either.