Did not do HVAC service

I know that I can be a bit stubborn occasionally, and I have a strenuous time admitting defeat. That’s why I’ve ended up in bad fights with liked ones that drag on for weeks, and why I continue to drive a dangerous car that I never should have obtained, and why I kept rocking a terrible haircut for weeks. Maybe I do have a problem, but I don’t know how to get over my bull headed nature. I’m trying right now to swallow my pride and sign up for an HVAC repair program. When I obtained my brand new HVAC system, I declined on signing up for the yearly repair package provided by the HVAC supplier. They told me that the package included several repair calls each year, in which the HVAC supplier will take apart and scrub your gas furnace and A/C unit. They update the air filters and complete any minor repairs that may need to be made, and they also guarantee their work and include several free emergency calls throughout the year, just in case anything goes wrong with your temperature control system. I suppose I should have signed up for this contracted repair package when I first got the equipment, and I’ve continued to spend money on HVAC repairs ever since. I just need to get over it and sign that contract, however my HVAC system will thank me in the long run.

HVAC rep