Debating on where my radiant flooring goes

My wife is very cold natured, and she is not taking to the recent cold spell very well. She has been miserable, and she walks around the house wearing several layers of clothing all of the time. I know she can’t help that she gets cold so easily, but I really wish it didn’t bother her so badly. She recently requested that we have radiant heated floors installed. I have heard a lot of great things from people who use heated floors to warm their homes, but I don’t know that I want to have to pay to have them installed. Heated floors are expensive, and we would have to have our floors entirely re-done before we could have them installed. On top of having to pay a huge service fee to the HVAC company, we would probably have to agree to undergo a lot of construction in our home. That could take weeks, and I’m not willing to be uncomfortable for that long. Instead of heated floors, I’m going to suggest to her that we buy a couple of space heaters. This would let her have a personal heater in whatever room she is using along with the HVAC unit itself. I really hope that she goes along with the idea, but I don’t know what the likelihood of that is. She can be stubborn, and once she is fixated on something, she is usually unwilling to budge. If I’m unable to change her mind and convince her to try something different, we may just have a new set of heated floors before winter is over.