Dealing with stuffy air quality

I had 35 minutes left of the task day, and I really couldn’t wait until this day was finished! I was expecting a package in the mail today, & I wanted to go back to my apartment & open it! My family back at home has sent me a nice package for my birthday. I was amazingly gleeful to see what it was… My family back at home was incredibly thoughtful. I clocked out at closing time, & got into my truck to put on the air conditioner appliance. My place of work was way too hot! They were having concerns with their air conditioner appliance, so it felt basically like they had the gas furnace on! Without a truly working air conditioner appliance to circulate the air through the ductwork, the office becomes way too stuffy. The heat is only one of the awful things you need to deal with when you do not have a perfectly working air conditioner. It felt so wonderful to hang out in the air conditioning of my car. I sat there for 5 minutes just enjoying our cooling system appliance before I started the long drive back to my property. I drove back to my apartment carefully, not wanting to get a speeding ticket. I got home, & ran inside to turn on the air conditioner appliance. I was secretly hoping that maybe my family would have gotten me a smart control unit for my birthday, but I did not honestly think that was the case. My package was waiting for me on the family room table. I waited until my home’s air conditioner appliance cooled down the air before I opened it though, and I was stunned! It was a card letting me know that my father was paying for a smart control unit to be installed in my property!

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