Cooling system on the drive

I recently drove to another state with my family. My sibling was in the most terrible car accident, so we all rushed to the neighborhood he had moved to after graduating from school. Unluckily, I had not had the cash to fix my car’s air conditioner, which had recently decided to stop blowing frigid air a couple of days before. Here I was, with the car jam packed and every seat inside my car taken as we were trying to reach the hospital! We were all worried and the heat was not making the drive any better. I tried to keep all of the windows rolled down, but it still felt like a bunch of sizzling air circulating around inside the overheated cab. My spouse continued to attempt to get the air conditioning system running again. He actually had the vent covers off and just kept on messing with the air conditioning machine switches for what felt like hours on end. Twice every one of us stopped at a store and we piled out to go inside the cool air conditioned business. If we had not been in such a major rush, I am sure we would have stayed around for awhile in the comfort of the central air conditioning system the stores offered. When we finally arrived at the hospital, every one of us were extremely grateful to learn that my sibling was going to remain alive. We were also silently grateful for the cool air conditioning machine available at the hospital. Hospitals usually keep their indoor climate control quite frigid to keep down on germs. At that particular moment, I could not have been happier about that fact.   

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