Cooling system messed up

For our anniversary my partner decided to get me a gift certificate to my preferred hair salon.  I was totally blissful that I would be able to go plus have my hair done instead of my regular quick trim.  I had been wanting to get my hair highlighted for weeks but I never wanted to spend the currency doing it. I could consistently think of 50 other things I should use the currency on, however now with this gift certificate I am able to go plus entirely enjoy myself separate from feeling the guilt.  While I sat in the chair as the stylist prepped my hair for my color treatment, I kept shivering because the salon had the a/c turned up so high. Having worked in a salon myself as a stylist years before, I completely understand that they are consistently up plus moving around so they tend to feel a little hot at times. This is why they keep the thermostat settings a little low.  However, I do feel as though this week it was colder than normal in there, and I wanted to ask my stylist what was going on with the cooling device. I felt like it would have been rude to ask plus the last thing I wanted to do was offend the woman who was treating my hair! Once I was under the dryer I began to feel my body heat up again. I loved having the hot air wash over me. After my hair was entirely finished plus I was checking out, I observed that a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C professional entered the salon plus one of the other stylists escorted him to the back, so apparently the salon was having an issue with their cooling device plus it wasn’t just me.