Cooling system malfunction

Our Summer season last year was unusually hot, very humid and super long.  I started up the Central air at the end of April, and relied on it until at least the middle of September.  With our outside temperatures reaching the upper nineties, the cooling equipment was running constantly. The central cooling equipment was also about twelve years old.  Although I made an effort to take fairly decent care of it, but the years started to add up. The A/C unit really struggled with the heavy burden and quit completely on me in early July.  So, I hired this Heating and Air Conditioning company for a service call, I was hoping he would recommend service and not a new one. I legitimately didn’t want to spend the money on a new unit.  Unfortunately, the HVAC professional explained that the repair would be so extensive that it would cost nearly as much as a new, more efficient cooling system. Plus, with the advanced age of our cooling system, we’d probably only get another couple of years out of it.  I was not at all excited about the expense and inconvenience, but the modern cooling system was the right decision. The updated cooling system is far more energy efficient, and so it maintains a much more even temperature. I am spending less each month for superior comfort.  This modern cooling system automatically adjusts speeds to match the demand on it. Instead of simply blasting at full capacity, running at much lower capacity helps avoid unpleasant temperature swings. This new unit also keeps sound levels and my running costs at the bare minimum.  Longer running times but at lower speeds, the cooling system can provide better dehumidification. Plus, there is a manufacturer’s warranty.

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