Cooling rather than the beach

I left for the beach yesterday with my friend Katie. The two of us love throwing our towels down and getting some tan. We also bring some booze to the beach and drink while we sun. Then we will sometimes go out into the water and just swim a tad. The only issue is that we are very different girls. Katie loves to do one activity following the other. She can only suntan up to ten minutes. Then she wishes to swim, get a beer or even walk the beach. I desire to just lay in the sun all day and relax. I require nothing with me as well. I am lost within my own thoughts. My friend angered me yesterday when she decided she needed a certain drink. She was desperate for water and we did have not have any. That meant we had to pack up our belongings and lose our spot at the beach. I then had to sit inside air conditioning as opposed to the hot sun. I hate sitting contained in the dark with a cooling system on. What is the point of being inside on a hot working day? She loved the cool air that the conditioning system provided. She was so happy and wanted to stay in the restaurant for forever. I wanted to grab a drink and get back to the beach. The last thing I wanted to do was just sit around wasting time which should be done outside in the natural light. We could sit in A/C when it is not a beach day.

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