Cooling on the kids while I teach

My sister loves her job as a highschool teacher.  I personally, don’t think I could do it as young people frustrate me. She feels that being able to mold the future generations is an absolute joy and couldn’t imagine anything else she would rather be doing. Granted, she does not make as much money and the hours are long, but she still feels that she is making a huge difference in the world. When she called me last month to tell me about a situation that had her upset, I was surprised.  Apparently, the air conditioning in her building had been out for several days and she was exhausted from trying to teach in the heat. This just so happened to coincide with the hottest month on record as well. The student and she were literally covered in sweat as they tried to make it through the school day. Not only was it really uncomfortable, the students had a legitimately hard time focusing and keeping their minds on the lessons. She said that as much as she loves her job, when the students are not interested in learning, it makes the job vastly more difficult. When the school’s HVAC system went down she said that she decided to use this as a way to instill a lesson that life can throw you curveballs. They made a whole lesson on the various ways people react to unexpected situations.  She said that they really had a legitimately good time and she felt that all of the kids learned something from the project. She said that after working for a couple of hours they took a break and headed outside to sit in the shade and read. At least there was a breeze outside.

air conditioner