Cooling in different zones

I don’t understand how people say their wives are always cold. This has never been the case in my marriage. I always thought that I preferred it on the cooler side; however, it is nothing compared to our wife. No matter how frosty it is in our house, she still dresses skimpily and complains about the heat. It makes me feel like less of a man because of it. It lead to a few quarrels at our house, because nobody wants to be uncomfortable. So the quarrel for the temperature control used to get way out of hand. Finally, the people I was with and I elected to calm out differences by esteeming the other person’s opinion, plus the people I was with and I contacted an Heating plus Air Conditioning business who could help us out.  We were informed about zone control heating. Using this function of our smart temperature control, the people I was with and I could set various temperature zones in the house. This way, we could have hotter and colder rooms. It didn’t help for when both of us sitting in the exact same room; however, at least the people I was with and I both had some temperature control management now. I truthfully just need one room, our study, where the heating is set to a warm temperature. I don’t truthfully mind the a/c being run most of the day; however, I like to relax right after work in a warmer room. God bless the Heating plus Air Conditioning business who finally gave us some peace into our home.

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