Cooling filters and pets

I live in a studio room cottage. It genuinely suits my sparse lifestyle. I am a minimalist at heart. I don’t have the need for a lot of space. I don’t genuinely have that much furniture or things I need to store anywhere, but I do have one little weak spot. I have a cat. I spoil the cat as any parent would. My cat is my little fur baby. He is furry plus cuddly. He sheds more than any animal I have ever saw too. That is the one big downside. The weather has been very challenging the last few years. Our Summers have been getting warmer. I never had any type of a/c before, but now I am noticing that I cannot leave the cat in a sizzling hot cottage all day long. I genuinely didn’t want to spend money for a costly Heating & Air Conditioning unit. I knew that I would not use it entirely all that much. I opted for a window mounted a/c unit. I could just cool down the cottage before I left to job it up, then right when I got home. It worked quite well for the first few weeks. Then on Tuesday it just stopped. I turned it on and after several hours it made a loud noise then shut off. I wasn’t sure what the complication was until I inspected the air filter. Honestly, it hadn’t occurred to me that I would need to change a filter. I thought since this was a portable unit it wouldn’t have as much of a need for a silly thing like an air filter. Well, when I pulled the air filter out of the a/c it was pure cat hair. I had never seen anything so disgusting before! It made me shudder at the air I was breathing in this time. I love the cat, but that was not pleasant.

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