Coolant draws ants in the a/c

I have been having an ongoing ant infestation at our home. I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s not really news to us. The two of us have been having tons of fire ants invade our front and back yards for a few years now. We knew that they liked our property, but we just sort of let them be. We didn’t see any reason to disturb them or trash the home that they shared with us, considering it was just outside anyways. The bugs being on our front and back porches wasn’t a big deal, and we actually liked to watch their activity out there. But then they started getting a little too friendly and moved into the house itself. It was a total nightmare! This past week all of us began dealing with a new ant related nightmare. The two of us have been noticing these ants everywhere, crawling on our interior walls. It turns out that they have been thoroughly eating our electrical wiring! The two of us suddenly realized 1 night when our heating and cooling idea abruptly stopped working. My partner got up to check the control unit, only to find out it was totally blank! I called up a local heating and cooling idea repairman the next afternoon and asked for help. The Heating and cooling idea repair man drove out to our lake beach house and looked over the entire heating and cooling idea. Still, he could not find anything wrong with the heating and cooling idea itself… Finally, he took note of the little bugs all around and began to notice the ants that were eating the electrical cord to the actual heating and cooling system. The two of us were so enthusiastic to find out that it was an easy heating and cooling idea fix, now we just have to get rid of the ant problem before they destroy something else!