Computer and a/c needs

I am lucky that I can handle a great deal of my job responsibilities through the internet because it allows me to work from my home. Actually I can work from virtually anywhere with WIFI connectivity. In the winter season, this is really advantageous. I usually get to avoid the icy roads, shoveling the driveway, and even brushing the snow off my car. I can do my tasks from inside my apartment with my furnace running. I just set the thermostat to the ideal temperature, dress casually in sweatpants, and I’m perfectly comfortable. It does end up costing me a bit more in energy costs, because I am running the heat throughout the day, but I am able to avoid the cost of gas to drive to and from work. Plus I’m much happier in my own space. In Summer, though, working from my own place can be super unpleasant. My place is not equipped with a/c. Opening windows and running electric fans isn’t enough to combat the heat and humidity in the summer. Sometimes the temperature climbs into the high nineties, and the excess moisture inside becomes unbearable. Then I try to find a site where I can take advantage of some a/c. I often spend the day at the locally owned coffee shop, however, then I end up buying way too many lattes and muffins. Plus, they tend to set the thermostat far too low for my liking and there are Heating and Air Conditioning vents everywhere I look. It can be hard to find somewhere to sit that is not directly getting hit with super cold air. I also set up at the local library in the summer. The thermostat setting and operation of the air conditioner is genuinely pleasant, but the chairs there are horribly uncomfortable. When I go to work at the library, I always end up with a sore back.