Colorful substance?

When my husband and I bought our house, we wanted to give the kids a place to play. We put up shelves in the garage, so we could use the space for dual purpose. We park the Jeep in the driveway, so the kids can use the garage as a play space. They have all different types of toys including building blocks, cars, and interactive toys. The HVAC unit is ducted to the garage, so we have a bit of climate control. It still gets very humid in the summer, because we haven’t fully insulated the garage yet. The kids don’t mind, and they like having a place that is all their own. A few days ago, my son and daughter were playing in the garage. They had been out for about thirty minutes, when I called them inside to eat lunch. My son walked through the kitchen, and I saw a green substance on the bottom of his sneaker. I asked him what was on his shoe, and he shrugged his shoulders. I went outside and saw the problem. There was a puddle of green liquid under our HVAC unit. I didn’t know what to do, so I called my husband. He told me to call the HVAC contractor and turn off the HVAC system. I kept the kids out of the garage, until help could arrive. When the HVAC technician looked over our system, he found the source of our slimy, green substance. We had a significant leak in the HVAC unit, and the green substance was coming from the algae build up inside of the machine.

HVAC repair