Colorado is so beautiful this time of year

Last quarter, I spent a couple of months working in Aurora, Colorado as part of a work assignment. I hadn’t visited Colorado prior to that, and now I love Colorado so much that I want to move there! Aurora is a great city, and it has tons of activities, entertainment, and scenery to enjoy. Not too many people have heard a lot about Aurora, which is surprising, since it is the third largest city in Colorado, and there are over 350,000 people living there. Aurora is only a short drive away from Denver International Airport, and the city itself spans across 154 square miles. Aurora has a vibrant and growing business community, with industries ranging across healthcare, aerospace, renewable energy, transportation, bioscience, and more. The steady growth of business in the Aurora area stems from a number of business-friendly programs, including the Aurora Advantage 4 Business. Being in the warm, dry climate really made me fall in love with the Aurora area. In fact, the weather is so nice that Aurora experiences an average of 300 sunny days during the year. I love that the weather is so nice, because it allows people to spend lots of time enjoying the beautiful scenery. Located right next to the Rockies, Aurora has thousands of acres with hiking trails, open prairie fields, almost 100 parks, 6 golf courses, and 2 reservoirs. Even though I spent two months there, I still couldn’t see everything in Aurora! Hopefully, I will be able to get transferred there and purchase a house in Aurora by next year.

Aurora, Colorado