Climate control

My husband and I try to do something special for our anniversary every year. The two of us take a weekend getaway or head out on a road trip or just stay at a nearby hotel. I look forward to our little trips each year.  This year, we had a terrible experience that left me aggravated throughout our entire anniversary weekend. We checked into a quaint bed and breakfast that we had researched online.  It was highly rated. I was surprised by how outdated the place looked in person, since the pictures online made it seem very modern. I tried to to find the appeal of it, but then arrived at our room  and found it had not  been cleaned and did not have the a very nice looking HVAC unit installed. It was humid and musty in the room.  We  could clearly see that the air conditioner hadn’t been operated  in ages. I was worried that there could be bacteria or mold, concealed within the inner workings.  The the lack of air conditioning in the room had caused a moisture build up. My husband tried to remain positive and asked the owners how to operate the air conditioning  unit in our room. They explained that running the air conditioner would result in an extra charge on our room bill and was not guaranteed to work. I tried to find it amusing, but all I wanted was to go to a new  hotel and relax in the jacuzzi with the air conditioning running.  This was not the best  anniversary we’ve celebrated.