Climate control in the office

Most people prefer to come into work as late as possible! They hit the snooze alarm as often as they can, & just barely make it on time. I’m pretty much the opposite. I arrive to the office extra early in the day. The earlier I make it, the better! I truly enjoy being the very first one to arrive, because I’m able to get some needed alone time. I use my alone time to mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. I work in an industry that is very demanding & stressful. If I don’t provide myself enough time to sip my fresh coffee & prepare, then the day will only proceed downhill. When fellow co workers ask me why I always come in so early, I tell them that I just enjoy drinking my first cup of coffee in peace. They will never understand me. I also tell them that it gives me a head start on the day! I don’t really think that anyone has ever doubted my reasoning, & I’m grateful for that! Honestly, the real reason I come into work before almost everyone else, is because I need to set the thermostat to my desired temperature… Most people don’t even know that I can only concentrate & work proficiently within a certain degree range. Just like my thermostat at home, the thermostat in the office needs to be set between 68 & 74 degrees! I’ve never seen my fellow coworkers modify the thermostat themselves, however somehow it still gets altered throughout the night time. I know the janitor changes it to 77 degrees when she comes into the office for her eveningly cleaning. I’m not there with her, so I don’t honestly care what degree she changes it to, just as long as I’m the first woman there to change it.

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