Climate control ideas

I recently explained to all of my students in school about the challenges of having a home in different locations. We discussed homes that are located in extreme weather environments. There are come truly hot and dry areas of the countries. The houses in these areas typically have shutters. People rely on the shutters to keep the sun out. It is important to block the Sun from the home because it prevents the home from heating up.   On the other hand, when living in a colder temperature, it can be very helpful to have the sunlight is shining into the home.  It is then beneficial to open the curtains blinds or shutters, and allow the sunlight into the home.  This works to warm the house without costing anything.   The sun’s energy is totally free. This allows the Heating system to work a lot less. You do not have to pay for the sun to provide warmth. When living in a warm and dry climate, ti would be better to keep the shutters closed. By keeping the shutters, blinds or curtains closed, the sunlight is blocked. Then the sunlight is not allowed to heat up the house. Depending on the area where a person lives, the priority changes between the heating and cooling system.  There are areas of the country that cannot get along without running the furnace for the majority of the year.  There are other areas that have issues with mold growth because of heat and humidity, making the air conditioner a necessity.  While studying different climates in the classroom, I thought it was important to investigate the different types of challenges with heating, cooling and air quality.  

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