Climate control fights

We decided to plan a family vacation for next month and everyone is super excited. The kids have a two week break from school and we wanted to go somewhere fun. It took us a long time to decide where we were going as each of us wanted to go to different locations. My wife wanted to go somewhere warm to soak up the sun while the kids and I wanted to go anywhere  that we could play in the snow. Even though it is winter, we never have temperatures like that and the kids wanted to try skiing and building a snowman. In reality, the only thing that mattered was that we got away from home for a week or so to just relax together as a family. After much debate we finally decided to go with my wife’s desire to go anywhere warm. The final decision was made in part due to her argument about it being easier to resolve the temperature differences. She said that if the temperature was too hot, we could always roll down the windows in the car. However, if it gets too cold and heater breaks down,we are simply out of luck. It was hard to argue with that logic and even my counter-arguments could not persuade her. At the end of the day, a happy wife leads to a happy life and I like to please my wife in any way that I can. We’ll be traveling next month and despite not going to my choice of location, we are all incredibly happy to get out of our house and hometown for this special vacation. I’m sure it will go smoothly and we’ll have plenty of air conditioning for the hot weather ahead of us.

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