Cleaning out our ductwork systems

This was going to be such a thrilling weekend! I couldn’t wait for Sunday afternoon. My family and I haven’t been to church in various months, however all of us would be going back this weekend. I was so excited. I had been trying to get them to come with me for ages, and now I just had to make it through Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon was reserved for an important heating and cooling machine appointment I had been able to set up with my cousin Freddie. My cousin Freddie is a local heating and cooling machine maintenance person, and he offered to help me with this small issue I have been having with the ductwork. My son has been having some pretty awful breathing problems lately, and his nurse proposed that all of us have our ductwork cleaned out. I had tried to find a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C business that could help me scrub out our ductwork, however all the companies I had found were booked up for multiple weeks! I hated to ask my cousin Freddie for a favor, however our son’s health was easily on the line. He readily agreed to scrub out our ductwork, and even provided me with a free heating and cooling machine inspection! What a decent guy! He came over bright and early, and all of us got right to fixing the ductwork and inspecting the heating and cooling machine. I was able to learn some pretty amazing ways to self inspect our heating and cooling machine. All of us also got the ductwork nicely cleaned out, which was the most essential thing of all.

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