Children and working in HVAC

I have started to notice that our Heating plus Air Conditioning plan has been acting quite strange. It would stay active for long periods of time but not heat up the home. Other times it would start to heat up the home too much. No matter what I do, it would not keep the home at the temperature that I set on the control component. I decided to call up a local Heating plus Air Conditioning company to send out a professional. They sent out a nice lady who came in to have a look at everything. Before she could do anything, my children were running around her wanting to play. They didn’t understand who this lady was, just that she looked like a nice woman to play games with. I told them to calm down plus go play outside or in their rooms while the nice lady fixed our furnace. She first checked the control component and confirmed it was having complications. She then went to check the rest of the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. She said she had all the parts she needed to have it fixed, however, it would take a the rest of the day. While she was working, my children kept trying to bother her. I kept yelling at them to stay out of that part of the house to let her do her work. Finally, I had to send them all outside because they just couldn’t leave the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech alone. The Heating plus Air Conditioning tech said everything was all set by the end of the day. I turned on the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit and it worked! When she was heading out, all the children ran to her truck to say goodbye!

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