Changing weather and HVAC

It truly seems that I never even know from day to day how to plan my clothing for work. It is that strange time of year where it’s hard to tell if it is going to rain, snow, or be sunny. The temperature is going to vary anywhere between below freezing and 40° so it is challenging to plan your day and what you should wear. Periodically I swear I have a full wardrobe in my car just in case. Take Last week for instance; on Wednesday it was 55 and sunny and by Tuesday a cold front moved through and we experienced freezing rain. The extreme change in temperature caused quite a few accidents on the roadways because people were caught unexpected.  Even the temperature on Tuesday was in the upper forties and by 10:00 in the evening we were at 15 below with the wind chill factor. The next thing that this silly weather takes its toll on is our Heating and A/C device. I tried to maintain 65 degrees in the household no matter what but with an aging device it is difficult for it to keep up with the outside weather conditions. I think it’s time to consider a replacement because a newer HVAC device would be more efficient and cost myself and others less to run. I will have to contact our Heating and A/C business and see what our possibilities are and if they have any payment plans. Maybe I will wait until the end of the season because then they will have some great deals on this year’s models. The device I have now does work, so using it for the remainder of this winter seems like our best bet.

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