Changing over my heater equipment

When my boyfriend Jimmy & I built our home, I thought it would a good method to have a fireplace built into the master bedroom.  I imagined lying in bed & enjoying a crackling fire.  I pictured how lovely, warm, cozy & romantic a fire on a chilly Wintertime night would be.  The reality is not nearly as enjoyable as I believed.  Since building the lake house so many years ago, Jimmy & I have built exactly one fire in the fireplace.  Chopping wood is an bad job, & hauling all the cold wood into the lake house creates a substantial mess.  The wood is dirty, filled with bugs, & so very heavy.  Once the fire is burning, there’s the problem of fumes, smoke, soot, & ash.  I was upset about a spark being able to burn the carpet & the risk of fire.  Plus, the only way to keep warm is to huddle right up close to the fireplace.  Unfortunately, the extravagant fireplace has become little more than a decoration.  I’ve recently consulted with a few local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C contractors about converting the wood burning fireplace into a natural gas heater.  The conversion would not be overly extravagant, & the fireplace will become an asset to our home.  A natural gas fireplace offers all of the benefits with none of the disadvantages.  All of us would then still have the appearance of an actual fire, but there is no mess, no danger, or no problems with indoor air quality.  The gas fireplace is equipped with a wireless remote that would let us to actually & conveniently make the changes to temperature & fan speed without even getting out of our bed.  The gas fireplace not only provides us a significant amount of quality heating, but because of the fan, the heat is evenly dispersed throughout the room.  Plus, the gas furnace runs very quietly, is energy efficiency,  & would help to reduce the workload of the home’s little gas furnace.  

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