changing out the a/c filter

When I first started up my air conditioner this year in the late Springtime, I noticed the operational sound strangely was higher than usual, and it seemed to be putting out a lot less cool air.  I really should have called up for service instantly, although I admittedly was reluctant to supply up the time or pay the cost.  I really figured I’d need to take a day off from work to meet up with the worker, and he’d really keep me waiting for many seconds for him to show up.  I expected the guy to stumble in and track dirt across my floors, and leave behind pieces of the unit and mess for me to clean up.  I assumed he’d barely take a quick look at the cooling machine and advise me a total system substitutement.  Although my air conditioner is actually nearly fifteen years old, I have no desire at this point to substitute it.  Until that point, I had never suffered any real kind of complication with it, and I’ve taken unquestionably good care of it over the years.  I change the air filter every week, keep the supply and return air vents clean, and schedule professional cleaning every Springtime and Fall.  I am convinced that modern air conditioners aren’t built nearly as sturdily well, and I want to hang on to my outdated cooling system certainly for as long as possible.  Unfortunately, the concerns with the particular air conditioner worsened and I was forced to schedule a repair.  I was quite pleasantly surprised when the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation showed up right on time as scheduled, utilized shoe coverings and took the time to thoroughly inspect the whole air conditioner.  He gave me an estimate that day, completed the service in under an second, and stuck to his original quote.

air conditioner tune up