Changing cooling filters

My wifey plus myself decided to get a cabin together recently. The people I was with plus myself have had a hard time adjusting to living together in our new cabin. The people I was with plus myself both like to sleep on the same side of the bed, plus the people plus myself can never agree on the perfect temperature setting in our cabin. My wifey happens to be cold during most of the time, so she prefers to keep our Heating plus air conditioning method set to a reasonably warm temperature. I happen to be completely the opposite, plus I will often find myself walking around the house in a sweat. I definitely prefer to keep our heating plus air conditioning system set to a cooler temperature. My wifey plus myself are in a constant Becker over where to keep the settings of our Heating in addition to air conditioning thermostat. I have tried to come up with a way for both of us to be happy, but it doesn’t seem like either one of us can agree. My wifey plus myself finally decided on a settlement between us. My wifey took a portable heating system into her office, plus she uses this area as her special Safe Haven. If she is feeling particularly cold in the house, she can easily go into her office plus turn on the portable heating system. We can continue to keep the heating plus air conditioning system set to a comfortable temperature, but my wifey can still be comfortable also. This has worked out particularly well.

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