Central air conditioning could be good

The love of my life plus I have been coming to blows over whether or not to install central a/c in our home.  This constant battle has been going on for the last multiple years.  The love of my life is content to get by with a couple of portable a/cs.  Since we live in the northeastern space of the country, our summer season season is admittedly quite brief, plus the gas furnace is our main priority,  the love of my life insists that the investment into a central cooling system is a waste of dough, because we’d only use the air conditioning a few months out of the year.  The love of my life doesn’t want to face the higher bi-weekly electric bills of a whole new central air conditioner. I am  fatigued of lugging the portable a/cs up plus down the attic stairs twice a year.  I don’t like losing the view from the windows, plus the portable a/cs are unattractive.  They make a whole bunch of noise plus aren’t sufficient when it gets super hot and humid.  With a central cooling system, all of us could keep the windows in the condo shut, doing away with an influx of exhaust fumes, dust plus pollen.  This would help to give me some relief from my dust sensitivity symptoms, plus also avoid the aggravation of noisy neighbors, loud children, plus traffic sounds.  The central a/c would also combat humidity plus the growth of mold plus mildew.  I’ve conducted some research, plus because the ductwork is already in place for the furnace, having central a/c installed would not be as costly as it would if we did not have ductwork already.  Because modern a/cs are severely energy efficient plus offer variable speed technology, I think the increase in our electric bills would be insignificant.  Since it doesn’t seem prefer I’m ever going to convince the love of my life to my way of thinking, I’ve gone ahead plus created an appointment with a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business.  I am going to have the cooling system installed while the love of my life is at work on Wednesday.  

central air conditioner