Cats at Play and HVAC

I loved my pet cats so much. It was so much fun to watch them run around the house and play! They really enjoy scratching up all the furniture though. Because of that, I had to get them a lot of scratching posts! Their favorite one was this big, cat treehouse type thing. It had little area for them to hide in and everything! Unfortunately, I am also allergic to cats. I took every measure I could to ease my suffering. I invested in a good HVAC system and kept it in tip top condition This helped so much to alleviate my symptoms. I always made sure to switch out my air filter to my air conditioner every two months. I also purchased a brand new air purification system that I had installed directly into my existing HVAc system. My air purification system was truly amazing! I barely ever got any allergy symptoms. I also hired an HVAc technician to come clean out my ductwork 4 times a year. You would be shocked at how much garbage can get lodged throughout your ductwork. HAV system maintenance is amazingly important even if you don’t have allergies. When you do have allergies, however, HVAC system maintenance is a huge health issue. If it wasn’t for the high level of care i gave to my HVAc system maintenance, I probably would have needed it get rid of my cats. Lucky for me, however, I had the extra money that is required to take tip top care of your heating and cooling system. It was truly a big blessing!

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