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Making the choice to repair the central air

I’ve always believed people should pick their battles. When my automobile has a breakdown, I’ll step back to evaluate the cause and determine if it would be best to leave it to a professional, or handle it myself. If the washer has a leak, I trust myself enough to repair it… One thing I’m hesitant […]

I love the spring weather

Man, these past two months have been so weird! It’s my first springtime in the south, and I’m learning a lot about this new climate. See, where I’m from, you can count on winter lasting into May, easily. In this new location, however, it seems to leap straight into spring somewhere around February. That abruptly […]

how I can reduce the HVAC bills

I had to take an entire day off from task the other day. Things had really gotten out of hand in my life recently, and I needed time to reflect on the many tasks at hand. Really, I had been fleeing from my adult responsibilities for some time, and it was time to face the […]

Coolant draws ants in the a/c

I have been having an ongoing ant infestation at our home. I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s not really news to us. The two of us have been having tons of fire ants invade our front and back yards for a few years now. We knew that they liked our property, but we […]

Vehicle climate control

My buddy plus I used to take amazingly fun road trips all the time, but that was before I first stopped smoking. The several of us used to be a real bunch of hooligans, I can tell you that.  We would spend each weekend cruising the local towns, looking for chicks and trouble, blazing through […]

The inner workings of our machine

It was never the intention of anyone in this family to end up with several cats living in our house.  I wasn’t planning on having any pets at all when I got married, kids were bad enough. When our sister in law moved out of state, she gave us her old cat to take care […]

Book idea off my HVAC

As a writer, I have l picked up the ability to take note and take inspiration from wherever I may find it. I keep my eyes open and find bits of pieces of my characters in my friends plus neighbors as often as possible. I eavesdrop on conversations in public at times, in order to […]

A haunted cooling device?

My kids were pretty well terrified last year when we were moving and they found out or new house was just across this busy street from a cemetery. It’s not like we lived on top of an ancient Indian cemetery, it was just a normal one, across the road & behind a wrought iron fence. […]

Updating the air filter

It was never my complete intention to end up with all of these animals living in our house.  I wasn’t planning on having any pets at all when I got married. Then my sister moved out of state for a job, so she gave my husband and me her pet to take care of until […]

Wanting the heater far away

I grew up & lived my whole life in the warmth and humidity of the deep south until just a few months ago. I had to relocate for work, and I’m still trying to learn the ways of the North. Where I had always lived, the water table was too high for those people to […]