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Got my air conditioner repaired

During my university, I rented a house just off campus.  I wanted our own nice space, but I had really little money to sadly spend.  Although I worked a good part-time job, I didn’t earn much plus I was simply responsible for tuition, books plus our own car payment.  Because of our limited budget, I […]

Lack of a/c at the dorms

My first year in a big college dorm was an entirely  interesting experience. I went to a slightly small college that did not have any kind of  adequate budget for building renovations. Thus, when the older central air conditioning plan in our big dorm broke down, in addition to the Heating in addition to Air […]

Our dog hurt our ductwork

For at least 11 years, our family has owned a nice labrador in addition to hound mix that the people I was with and I had named Perry. Perry, other than a few very exhausting traits, has regularly been a very excellent member of our family, but he is so sweet, kind, in addition to […]

Taking time to clean the air ducts

I’m so chilly right now! Beth and I had a wind storm last night plus it kicked the power out in our town. The most awful thing was that I could see a market across the road that had electricity on – however no one was there! Meanwhile, I was totally freezing. Until that day […]

Try more heating

Every year, as December moves right on, I begin to very anxiously check the weather forecast, hoping for at least a very cool, if not cold, Christmas. This year, our first as a married couple, my husband & I were rather disappointed to see that the weather forecast was not at all what every one […]

Keeping the a/c on high

This week, I simply noticed a rather small rash directly on my back. I am not very positive, even though I think it is a little patch of poison ivy, then this case of poison ivy does not seem too terrible for me right now, especially when just compared to the brush I had with […]

HVAC should not be that much

I was at the bar having a few beers with my friends. We ended up talking about HVAC systems and proper maintenance. My buddy, Arnold, was saying  that there are two kinds of people in this world. There are the people who take proper care of their HVAC systems with regular maintenance.  There are people […]

Necessary for air filter changes

If I would have known the consequences, I would have never neglected the service of my HVAC system. It was just last month, in the middle of January, when my furnace completely failed on me. I didn’t think that the repair was going to be expensive, but I was wrong. It was a whole lot […]

Getting the dust out of HVAC

Stephen just moved into a newer lake house with his boyfriend; It’s been awesome for Stephen and his boyfriend to have their own place! They adore it. I live close enough that they’re able to call me to assist, whether it’s with one thing around the whole house or just simply looking at the house […]

not great heating

Fred and I made some plans for our ideal home.  As Fred and I met with the supplier to make some suggestions for our dream house the subject of Heating and Air Conditioning came up.  Fred and I knew that him and I wished for central air in our home, that was never a concern. […]