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This is comfortable

Recently I’ve been very interested in the economic state of our small town, but I’ve only lived here for a few months.  In that time I’ve absolutely become interested in supporting efforts to bring new life to the little village. When you walk downtown, there are about two dozen different little businesses that all seem […]

Seeing an opportunity

A few years ago we moved into this beautiful little neighborhood right next to a major state park. I really adore our location because I’m able to access the attractive hiking trails that surround the vicinity.  I’ve always been quite confused as to why the neighborhood remains so small and undeveloped. It seems like suppliers […]

Same pay for women in heating and air

Having a couple of daughters has entirely changed the way I see the world. I don’t want to state that I was a sexist before. I guess I was a pretty easy going sort of guy who treated ladies with respect, but let’s just say I am a great deal more sensitive now to how […]

Hoping to be a HVAC provider

I seriously did not want to spend my entire life working on the farm. I easily knew this when I was absolutely young. I also knew that they would never let me go either, and I was going to have to plan for my escape. So that is precisely what I did for the next […]

A large heater cost

We have suffered through an usually extended as well as brutal Wintertime.  There was quite a bit of snow on the ground by Halloween. I started up our gas furnace in the middle of October as well as have been running it constantly since that time.  My energy bills have been terrible. When the outside […]

My bedroom ductless AC device

Our bedroom in my property was consistently a bit overheated plus sticky feeling in the Summer season.  Although there is central cooling in the property, it simply has difficulties handling that particular space.  There aren’t quite enough air ducts, plus the massive windows are exposed to maximum sunshine during the daytime hours.  If we wanted […]

Hooking up my HVAC technology

OK, I have to admit, I’m a closeted geek.  I enjoy toys, despite the fact that I don’t regularly understand them altogether.  Say, for instance, the temperature control unit on the wall in our residing room that controls the air conditioning equipment.  I can easily set the temperature using the temperature control unit on the […]

happy we have nice HVAC

My absolute best friend, Jessie is coming out for a visit.  She moved away right after graduation, whereas I stuck around in our hometown, got married in addition to am now house-shopping.  After we left the airport, we decided to go straight out to see a few properties in addition to thought this one in […]

Needed some assistance with the HVAC repair

The other week, I was dealing with a struggling Heating system. It was horrendously chilly outside, and the heating system was really showing that it was having trouble reaching the temperature on the control unit. I also noticed that the Heating equipment would basically run non-stop without a break, and still wouldn’t heat up the […]

Buying air conditioning

I was raised in a small town, where we unquestionably didn’t have all that much, not even an A/C system for our house. In order to keep cool while in the warm seasons, we would just go to the lake for a swim. The two of us, my brother and I, would also just open […]