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Changing over my heater equipment

When my boyfriend Jimmy & I built our home, I thought it would a good method to have a fireplace built into the master bedroom.  I imagined lying in bed & enjoying a crackling fire.  I pictured how lovely, warm, cozy & romantic a fire on a chilly Wintertime night would be.  The reality is […]

How to help improve the HVAC

I recently hired a local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company to complete an energy audit of my home.  The purpose of this service & testing is to find out if & where there is energy going to waste.  The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company rep then provided a list of improvements I could make to […]

Heater repair was expensive

My gas and oil furnace was only 6 years ancient when it needed to be updated.  It simply quit entirely working in the middle of the night, during a horrible blizzard in December.  The outside temperature was twenty degrees, with a brutal wind chill, plus it was snowing like crazy.  Going without the furnace working […]

Reducing the work for a/c

When I started noticing shingles lying in the sod of the yard, I knew there must be a problem with our roof.  Since our roof was not all that old, I was not glad about calling a supplier for repairs.  The supplier tested the entire roof plus told me that the shingles had deteriorated so […]

Want your heater to run well?

Keeping your heating and cooling method running perfectly in frigid temperatures is not regularly an simple task. You can ask me, no problem!  I’m an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning provider in addition to I’ve been repairing oil furnaces in addition to oil furnaces for several years now. I’d say that I work on […]

Something was wrong with the a/c

My Uncle Joe is complaining that his house does not seem to be coming on appreciate it should.  He’s asked myself and others to stop by in addition to take a look at his heating method for him. I told him that I’d be over, but what I didn’t tell him is that I would […]

What older heaters looked like

I obtained an seasoned farmhouse some year ago, and I loved the character plus seasoned timey believe that came with this house.  The stairs creaked as you walked on them, it had real hardwood floors not that laminate floors, the living room was grand and there was also a furnace in the home. I fell […]

Unsure about my heating

Right now, mother nature is having a strenuous time trying to decide if it’s Wintertime or Spring.  All of us have gone from changing temperatures, large snow plus ice storms to hot plus rainy.  You would this this would all be over the course of a couple weeks however no, its over the course of […]

The waiting room had no a/c

While installing some countertops at work last month, I accidentally split my finger, however the split was not very deep, or very long, but it bled for quite a while! I was not going to let my boss know, but it was still bleeding when I got back to the office, and he insisted that […]

The air conditioner was bad

If I ever know ahead of time that I am going to be in an awkward or intimidating situation, I always attempt to come up with a wonderful outfit, having a flattering, sophisticated outfit easily helps my confidence, along with some great lipstick.  When I found out we were to have dinner with my husband’s […]