Can’t write without good AC

I had just started writing my fourth book earlier this week, and I was having some trouble. I certainly do not like writers block! It is such a hard obstacle to overcome often. Usually, I can just write with complete ease. This time, however, I was having a genuinely difficult time. I was happy for the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment distraction this past Tuesday. It had been many weeks since we last had our home’s heating and cooling equipment checked, so I made an appointment the other day to have a Heating and Air Conditioning equipment service person come out to the current home to check our HVAC equipment. It was a genuinely freezing Wintertime for us so far, and I was afraid the stress to my gas furnace would cause some problems. So, when Tuesday rolled around, my Heating and Air Conditioning equipment acquired a much needed inspection. The heating and cooling equipment representative that came to my current home was super nice. He first checked out my temperature control and made a few quick adjustments… After that he moved on to the main area of my heating and cooling system. I was still suffering from writer’s block, so I just watched him service my heating and cooling equipment. It took him about an hour and a half to fully inspect my heating and cooling system. After He left, I was fortunately able to write again! My heating and cooling equipment was in wonderful working order too, which was truly amazing. I sat down to write, and I also got to feel the heat coming from my newly checked gas furnace. What an enjoyable day that Tuesday turned out to be!

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