Can’t sleep without a/c

Some of my best friends are going on a hiking trip next week; however, they have not been able to persuade me to come with them, and they have begged and pleaded for a couple of weeks weeks. I just can’t imagine myself being without a cooling system for 5 full nights. It’s the middle of July, and the temperatures will actually reach the high 80s in the part that they are going camping. I have a tough time falling asleep at night without a cooling system. That kind of thing would be completely awful. It’s really sad because I do like being outside; however, I suppose that I wouldn’t be able to get a decent night’s rest without being able to sleep under an air vent. If they were to decide to stay in some sort of lake house or a hotel, I might go with them. This would allow me the option to cool off in the evenings in a temperature-controlled room so that I would be fully refreshed to explore the next day. However, I guess they are completely set on camping without any kind of modern amenities or luxuries. I have never been able to see the excitement in this. Maybe next year they will consider spending some time in the city so that I can enjoy some time with them. My tastes are just too different from theirs, and I don’t want to waste our getaway opportunities on a trip that I wouldn’t like anyways. An HVAC system is a necessity, and I won’t go without one.

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