Can’t depend on the heater and a/c

Another blizzard! What a winter this has been. We’ve been getting dumped on with tons of snow. Some people may think that lots of snow could be a fun experience. Believe me – it’s not. The snow is so deep that we haven’t been able to get out of the front door. Everybody in our family has been chipping in by shoveling to try to get us dug out. Since the snow is so deep our little dogs can’t navigate outside – only in the pathways that we’ve managed to shovel. Work is shut down for a few days too, and we are hourly-wage earners. That means no income! And another big problem is the fact that our Heating and Air Conditioning outside unit was buried in the snow. And since it was was buried, our heat wasn’t working. This is certainly not a fun experience – especially when the temperature is in the teens.  Finally, my husband decided he was going to shovel out the back door in order to get to the HVAC exterior unit. If it weren’t for the individual space heaters that we’ve always kept on hand, we would certainly have frozen to death. After a few days, the snow stopped falling, we had shoveled our way out of the house and driveway, we were able to go back to work and earn a paycheck, and our furnace was working again. It’s one thing to get snow, it’s quite another thing to get buried in snow. We have definitely talked to our HVAC technician about how to handle things if the same situation occurs again.

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