Can I go without ac?

I am most adamant about taking care of the environment. I recycle, I reduce. I subscribe to the philosophy of minimalism. I believe in global temperature change; I do not guess it’s a myth. I recognize that our actions (or lack thereof) affect the whole Planet.

I also run our central air conditioner during the late Summer. My friends have told myself and others that a/c is a luxury item plus that really, people do not need it. I do agree with that idea, up to a point. For younger and healthier people, love myself, I do not require an AC to survive. I recognize that I am more comfortable keeping the thermostat at a comfy 75 degrees during the hot Summer weeks, however I could completely live without it if I had to.

However, for seniors, this is not true at all. Did you know, for instance, that in 2012, 88 Americans died due to heat inside their homes? That’s correct. They died because they had no air conditioning system. It wasn’t the cold weather that killed them; it was the dire heat plus humidity.

In France, where the folks who live there subscribe to the proposal that HVAC technology is not healthy for them plus so several older homes do not have a heating or cooling system at all, almost 2,000 seniors died in a massive heat wave that hit that country in 2003.

Heat is not simply an inconvenience needing a quick fix. It can kill.  Our senior citizens are more prone to getting dehydrated, improper heartbeats, lethargy plus increased body temperature when they do not have access to proper a/c.

Yes, I do believe that for a lot of people, love myself, keeping our home cool is a luxury. But for several others, especially the elderly, an air conditioner, whether it be a window unit, ductless mini-split AC system or proper central air conditioner, it’s a real necessity.

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