Building a home and hiring a HVAC business

When my partner, Paul and I began the project of building a new house from the ground up, we weren’t prepared for the multiple decisions and details.  We quickly realized that relying on a general contractor to handle everything was a mistake. We needed to hire specialists to complete the design, engineering and replacement of the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems.  While these professionals were able to provide the knowledge and recommendations necessary to make smart and cost-effective choices, they were nearly impossible to coordinate. There were tons of delays and miscommunication as we waited for the electrician to install the wiring and the plumber to implement the drainage pipes and septic.  The heating and air conditioning contractor was absolutely perfect. This particular contractor had access to an in-house sheet metal fabrication shop. This allowed a customized design for the duct system, without relying on any sub contractors. The heating and air conditioning contractor worked closely with Paul and I to determine the right style and size of heating and cooling system to suit our needs and expectations, but he spoke at length with us about energy efficiency, sound levels and air quality.  He also made sure that no important aspects were overlooked, from the location of temperature controls and vents, to straight-forward access to the air filter. He was as worried with our year round comfort as with the aesthetics of the heating and cooling system. While I had trouble getting the electrician on the phone and the plumber took forever to complete the work, the heating and air conditioning contractor adhered to a strict timetable. It was such a relief when our project was completed, and Paul and I were finally able to move into our new home.

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