Bugs with HVAC

I was definitely not looking forward to Thursday… I had thought that we got rid of our flea problem, although I unfortunately saw a flea on one of our cats last night. We had already flea bombed the house once in the past, plus we now had to do it once more. The last time the two of us flea bombed the dwelling, it genuinely did a number on our heating plus cooling appliance. The Ductwork was full of a chemical smell, plus it took weeks to air it all out. Our HVAC system was not the same after that occasion. I knew that this next event was going to destroy our heating plus cooling appliance even further. We worked on all the preparations for the flea bombing, plus I even called a local HVAC business to examine my heating plus cooling appliance after the fact. I thought it would be great to have the air duct cleaned as well. I didn’t want that chemical smell stuck in the air duct like last time… My house smelled of chemicals for weeks! I have a genuinely enjoyable HVAC business that I can usually rely on for all of my heating plus cooling needs. They haven’t let me down at all! I knew that they would be able to take care of my heating plus cooling appliance plus air duct this time as well. They said they could send out a certified HVAC worker out to the house the following week. We would have to suffer with the chemical smell in the air duct for a little while longer, but the two of us would find a way to get through this situation.

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