Book idea off my HVAC

As a writer, I have l picked up the ability to take note and take inspiration from wherever I may find it. I keep my eyes open and find bits of pieces of my characters in my friends plus neighbors as often as possible. I eavesdrop on conversations in public at times, in order to pick up words plus phrases to inspire my work. You can hear the most interesting, or disgusting, things at your local steakhouse when people don’t think you happen to be listening. It has been a lot trickier lately trying to find inspiration for my latest work, a science fiction novel. I feel like Black Mirror has covered it all, already. Oddly enough, I found some inspiration from my friend’s Heating plus A/C system. Because I am not very smart when it comes to technology, I guess I am pretty impressed even with things including cooling systems plus furnaces. My friend’s temperature control is what is called a next-gen smart temperature control, and it was developed with a built in algorithm that studies the data on system usage plus the continued temperatures plus activities in all the different rooms of his house. This is to learn when to turn itself on plus off. That’s pretty advanced, I think, for an Heating plus A/C system. It inspired a system for the temperature control plus life support systems on a spaceship in my novel; what if instead of a smart temperature control onboard, there was an artificial intelligence in control, plus it determined that in the long run the ship was better off with no human life? My buddy’s cooling system plus its smart temperature control settings were used to inspire myself to write a large deep space sci-fi epic.