Boiler is already in the house

When my fiance Bernard and I were house shopping, we toured and considered all different types of properties.  Since we were moving to the northern area of the country, the home’s heating system was a major concern. We hoped to find a relatively new heating system which would supply efficient and reliable temperature control during serious weather.  The majority of the houses we looked at were equipped with forced air furnaces. The house that Bernard and I both liked the best had a boiler installed in the basement. We favored this one house’s location, layout, and size, however we were a bit unhappy about boiler heating.  The boiler was genuinely quite old, and we decided to have an heating, ventilation, and a/c technician check it out before we made an offer on the house. The heating, ventilation, and a/c technician evaluated the boiler and determined that it was in good condition. He explained that boilers tend to outlast most other types of heating systems, are especially reliable, and supply really efficient heating.  Boiler heating is a clean, quiet, and gentle form of temperature control which Bernard and I have come to appreciate. The boiler in the house is linked to baseboard heating, which takes up very little space and maintains even comfort. Because of independent thermostats in the multiple rooms, we are able to customize temperature settings to conserve energy, save cash and personalize comfort. No matter what the weather brings, our house is always perfectly warm, and we aren’t spending a fortune on our monthly heating bills.   We are very thankful we ended up purchasing the house with the boiler.

steam boiler