Boiler can serve as a water heater

I generally look forward to the weekend even though I know that this one is going to be incredibly painful.  I am not hurt or anything even though I know I will get genuinely little sleep and absolutely need a full body massage after all the work I need to get taken care of.  My siblings and I are going to be re-roofing our parents lake house and replacing some of the windows and we will likely need to cool off with the A/C when we are finished.  Construction work in the midst of summertime is excruciating and spending it with my siblings can be strenuous too.  We have all always been genuinely competitive and now working together on such as sizable project could be super challenging.  The funny thing is, that the most challenging thing will be fighting for who gets to shower first at the end of the project.  Our parents only have a single bathroom and growing up was especially tough.  Whoever was last to shower always had to take a freezing one because the hot water tank couldn’t keep up with the demand.  I had no idea that things had changed a bit since I had last been home.  Our parents had consulted with their Heating as well as Air Conditioning professionals and had purchased one of those tankless water heaters.  They used it to service the dining room, bath, and even the boiler system.  This enabled them to have an unlimited supply of hot water without paying to keep sizable holding tanks hot always.  My Mom says it is most definitely one of the best investments they could have ever made.  This genuinely made the whole idea of spending an entire weekend working at their place feel a great deal better.

boiler unit