Better heating when I volunteer

My group from church tries to get-together a couple of times a year to help out at local charity sites.  We have done everything from painting homes for Habitat for Humanity to restocking shelves at a local food bank.  I constantly love my time at these places and recognize that it at least makes a small dent in what is needed.  There are many worthwhile causes out there that depend heavily upon volunteer hours to continue their work.  The last place we went was in desperate need of something other than the usual.  We arrived around 9:00 to begin sorting the thousands of coats that had been donated.  They needed to be checked over for damage and then placed in boxes based upon size.  Winter was fast approaching and the homeless needed the coats to make it through the season.  The problem was that the facility where we were sorting was very cold.  It was as if they left a door open to the 30 degree temps that we were experiencing that day.  My fingers were so cold that I could barely button and zip the coats.  I asked a volunteer if there was a problem with the heat in the building and they said that they had been having issues but could not afford to service the system.  We made it through the day and all of us left with the same thought in mind.  We held a few fundraising events at church to raise funds for the facility.  They were thrilled when we presented them with a check and the name of an HVAC business that had agreed to work on their system for the cost of parts only.  Now they can provide better for people who need warmth in the winter.