Beach House Getaway

My fiance and I have been wanting to take a vacation forever now! We’ve been together for about two years now and we still haven’t taken a vacation together. At first it was a money concern. We needed to make sure we were well provided for, and that our needs in life were met financially before we could justify spending more money on other things. When we booked our beach trip a few months ago, we were beyond excited. We couldn’t wait to walk along the beach together, swim in the ocean, and try new restaurants. When we finally boarded the plane, I immediately realized I should have brought a sweater. I hadn’t been on a plane in a while, and I forgot how cool they keep the temperature in there. I was cold the whole way there. Even the airport where we had our layover was freezing! I was so happy to arrive in our warm, sunny tropical destination! The heat was just perfect! We took a car to our hotel, and when we were shown to our room, we opened the door to find a blasting A/C unit. It wasn’t evident immediately that there was a problem. Once we unpacked, I turned to the A/C unit. I wanted to turn it off, or at least down, so that the room could warm up a bit. I opened the doors to the patio to let in the beautiful breeze. The A/C wouldn’t budge! It wouldn’t turn off or go down! My fiance looked at it and wasn’t able to figure it out either! We called the front desk and they sent someone up to look at it. I didn’t want to spend my entire vacation freezing to death in fake air when the air outdoors was so lovely! The person from the front desk came up and showed us the remote-like device on our bedside table which controlled the temperature in the room. In two seconds he had the air off.

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