Bathroom getting heated flooring

I have been traveling a lot for job lately and I can’t wait to get back and just stay home for a while. I guess I have been gone about many weeks this time & I miss our partner terribly. I talk to him multiple times a day, however that is not enough & can’t compare to seeing him in person. I am so excited to return home and see our sweet partner. He knows how busy out I have been with job and not being able to see him everyday and he surprised me with a up-to-date renovation to the house. I guess when you are gone for many weeks that is the perfect amount of time to idea a small renovation. He built me the most appealing getting ready room right off our powder room. I was so surprised by this sweet gesture. I loved that he went above and beyond for me when he knew that I was busy out. It was the perfect getting ready room with the best light too. One of our number one things was the radiant flooring he had installed in the room. We have terribly cold winters and the radiant flooring will be perfect for the cold afternoons. I am so excited that I won’t have to wear slippers because the radiant flooring will heat our feet up enough. I was so delighted that our sweet partner was so thoughtful. I am also so delighted about the radiant flooring. I would never have thought to get radiant flooring installed, however I guess it was a good addition to our heating and cooling system.

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