Bar had ductless HVAC

My friends plus I enjoy to play TX holdem poker whenever possible. The people I was with and I try to play a cash heavy tournament every single weekend, no matter whether it’s at lake home or in the casino on the lake. There are about ten of us that normally play poker together during the week. When the local cigar bar had its grand opening celebration last month, they held a poker tournament which was amazing luck for us. The grand prize was a gift certificate for $250, but there was also a currency prize of $100.  Since they were going to hand out cash prizes and we were feeling pretty confident, all ten of us signed up to partake in the big event.  When the lot of us arrived, I was surprised to find a lot of other people already in the facility. The bar was giving out free macanudos plus draft beers, so it attracted a lot of people. Many people were smoking cigars, but somehow I noticed that there was no foul smell in the air. The bar had a modern and unquestionably intricate Heating plus Air Conditioning system, and I had to go and talk with the owner for a few minutes about the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. They had a specialty Heating plus Air Conditioning system that included a high tech custom air ventilation system. When I looked up, instead of a ceiling, the entire Heating plus Air Conditioning idea was exposed above us. I guess it was supposed to be a current plus hip type of decor. In the end, we had a lot of fun, plus learned a lot about HVAC systems.

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