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Bar had ductless HVAC

My friends plus I enjoy to play TX holdem poker whenever possible. The people I was with and I try to play a cash heavy tournament every single weekend, no matter whether it’s at lake home or in the casino on the lake. There are about ten of us that normally play poker together during […]

Air purifier and fishy smell

My fiance plus I have typically loved eating dinner out. While the two of us both also enjoy to cook, it is typically much faster and easier to go out for dinner. Because we go out so much, we were very excited when a current italian pizzeria opened down the street. We were feeling like […]

Heater in our coffee shop

My partner plus I have been retired already for the last few years, however ever since we retired, we honestly have been residing a carefree existence. We still wake up incredibly early in the day, so I suppose we’ll never grow out of that. During the long days of the week, our partner plus I […]

The furnace won’t turn off

My partner plus I honestly try to avoid work functions like the plague, however, she was going to receive an award this time. The giant celebration was last night, plus it truly turned out to be an awful occasion. The dinner was programmed to be followed by an awards ceremony at 8 p.m.  so we […]

The heater must have been cranked

My best buddy flew into town last week, and I could not wait to see him! I haven’t seen him in close to 10 years, so this was going to be really fun. He called me up with this great surprise last year but never came through, so this year he recommended we meet up […]

HVAC does not last too long

I had a pretty interesting day last week. My spouse and I were invited to my friend’s home to watch the big football game, and enjoy a nice barbecue. It was a fun time, but then their pet started getting sick. It seemed like he couldn’t breathe. We had a similar concern with my cats […]

All facets of HVAC

I was born into a wealthy family; from an extremely young age I was informed that I was an exceptionally fortunate child since I would not be growing up to be a stereotypical rich kid. My parents had both tried their hardest for years, and didn’t want me to have everything in life simply handed […]

Air gets polluted

I am a dog person, and to be realistic with you I appreciate the company of dogs to that of humans. Dogs are loyal, and if you treat them right, raise them correctly, and care for them then they will grant you a lifetime of blindly loyal service. Canines are not only protective, but extremely […]

Fixing my own a.c was a mistake

I always make the same mistake, trying to maintenance something when I shouldn’t, and then I make everything worse! My child had a problem with her tablet, for example, but the special electronic pen it came with was not working! I assumed the problem was that it needed batteries, so I tried to unscrew the […]

No a/c in the house

It’s strange how your mood can influence your memory. Have you ever seen a movie while you were in a terrible mood, & you totally hated it? And then at some time later you happen to see the movie again, only this time you aren’t depressed or angry! And then you realize the movie is […]